Club 10x. celebrating our first anniversary with a two-night celebration at the club itself

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We are the Club 10x. Located at Z-Street in Thamel Stepping towards our first major milestone on October 16, 2022; we are celebrating our first anniversary with a two-night celebration at the club itself. We have planned our parties for 16th and 17thof October 2022 with Singers Anil Singh, Kali Prasad Baskota, DJ Olarus and many more in house DJs hosted bySushil Nepal who we think needs no introduction.

10x has been dishing out State of the Art clubbing experience for the past year and plans to continue with the experience for the crowd. With 5 in house DJs like DJ Season, DJ Nihan, DJ Aizen, etc. we ensure that your craving for a party is fulfilled.What began as a small firm with just 4 members has risen up to stand tall amongst the business leads of the time with more than 75 employees. Our company has satisfactory achievements and accomplishments, especially from six months even after globally paralyzed all kind of business sectors by the pandemic of covid-19, although which proved to be exceptionally productive for our company. Located at the heart of parting, Thamel, we make sure that the ladies feel safe, even while partying alone. With great security and ambience, 10x seeks to become one of the top clubs of Nepal. With our first anniversary on October 16, 2022, our two-night party plan is an event you would not want to miss. With Anil Singh on 16thOctober; Kali Prasad Baskota and DJ Olarason 17thOctober as the main attractions, we have our in-house DJs performing both night. We have previously collaborated with many famous performers and artists to ensure that our events are a success. We are not charging an entry fee, additionally offering 20% discount to all the clients and customers for both the days as we want you to come celebrate with us.

Anil Singh is a renown, professional Nepalese singer of the pop genre known for his evergreen songs such as “Engine Gadi Ma”, “PremPatra”, “I Love You”, to “DubnaDeu” in the Early 2000s. His unique voice stood out from the crowd of pop singers at the time. Popular with the youth, he has songs that depict Falling in Love, Being in Love and The Ultimate Heartbreak. (Live at 10x on October 16, 2022)

Kali Prasad Baskota is another professional singer/songwriter who has many hit songs popular with all age groups. His major genre also happens to be pop but unlike Anil Singh, Kali Prasad Baskota leans towards Pop Folk Genre. His hit songs include “Nira”, “Jaalma (ParityoDaada Ma)”, “Thamel Bazar”, “Laija Re” and more. (Live at 10x on October 17, 2022)

DJ Olaras who also happens to be a professional saxophonist from Ukraine was ranked among the top 50 Female DJs of the world in 2017 and 2018. Even now, she stands among the top 100 Female DJs of the world. She combines virtuosic playing on the instrument with enchanting club sound, as a result, received exclusive and fashionable musical compilation of sounds. Mixing club tracks, complemented by playing the Saxophone, overwhelms the dance floor with incredible live music energy, which gets straight into the hearts! (Live at 10x on October 17, 2022)