Former Minister Dhakal addressed India Foundation conference at Nalanda University

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२३ कार्तिक २०७८, मंगलवार ०५:५२
Former Minister for Peace and Reconstruction of the Government of Nepal, as well as special Envoy of the World Summit, Ek Nath Dhakal addressed the 6th International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on the theme “Dharma-Dhamma Traditions in Building a Post-Covid World Order” at Nalanda University, Bihar, India on 8th November 2021.
M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, Phagu Chauhan, Governor of Bihar and Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar and Ram Manav, former national Secretary-General of Bharatiya Janata Party were among other 40 prominent speakers who addressed the 3 days conference.
In a statement issued by the organizers, the conference was participated by more than two hundred international delegates, dignitaries, a galaxy of scholars from various backgrounds and thousands of Indian participants. The conference provided a platform for the best minds from the world of academics as well as leading policymakers, religious heads from India, and abroad to come together to explore new possibilities in building a post-Covid world order.सायद एक वा थप मानिसहरू, उभिएका मानिसहरू तथा  'Dharma Dhamma Conferenc 7-9 November 2021, Nalanda University, Bihar Nalandã UNIVERSITM 더 Nalandã' भन्ने पाठ को तस्बिर हुनसक्छ
Speaking as the special guest of the Nalanda University and India Foundation, a premiere Think Tank institute based in New Delhi, Dhakal stated that ” Dharma-Dhamma, which Nepal and India proudly share as a precious part of their history and cultural legacy, and which has influenced much of Asia’s thought and approach to life, offers strength, solace and hope to the world”. He added the importance of integrating the harmonious coexistence between human and nature. Dhakal hopes that the conference will be beneficial to move forward from the troubles of the pandemic for a happier and healthier post-Covid world. Dhakal emphasized that the topics related to healthcare, human welfare, climate change, and social integration are prominent agenda for the present days.
Dhakal further stated that “Sustainable peace, universal health, justice, and equality, caring, sharing, and happiness are the driving forces rather than pursuits of individual or national self-interests. As a newly appointed special envoy of World Summit, Dhakal also had friendly conversation with Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar and commended his able leadership in uplifting human lives and faster economic growth of Nepal’s neighboring state, Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed his happiness on meeting a guest from one of India’s closest neighbors.
Dhakal underlined that, “the emphasis on compassion, being tolerant of different points of view, universal responsibility, inclusiveness, the interconnectedness of all beings, and a shared interdependence, is more important than ever before as we head towards a post-Covid world order. Sustainable peace, universal health, justice, and equality, caring, sharing, and happiness are the driving forces rather than pursuits of individual or national self-interest”.सायद एक वा थप मानिसहरू, उभिएका मानिसहरू, घरभित्र तथा  रूख को तस्बिर हुनसक्छ
During the conference, Dhakal also hosted a number of side meetings including with Minister of Transport from the government of Sri Lanka; Sri Sadhu Bhadresh Das, of Bishnu Mohan Foundation, India; Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University Prof. Sunaina Singh among others.
Other speakers included S. R. Bhatta, Chairman, Indian Philosophy Congress and Chairman, Asian-African Philosophy Congress, India; Maj Gen Vetsop Namgyel Ambassador of Bhutan to India, Bhutan; Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Chair of Education and International Department at the Institute of Education, University College London, UK and Ram Nath Jha, Professor, School of Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.
A Member of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly, Dhakal was accompanied by Mr. Santosh Paudel, spokesperson of Family Party and Mr. Krishna Adhikari, South Asian Convener of the same party. Spokesperson Mr. Santosh Paudel said that Dhakal’s friendly visit to India has further strengthened the ties between the people of Nepal and India. Dhakal will return to Kathmandu on the 11th of November after completing his 5-day India visit.सायद 1 व्यक्ति, उभिएको, बसिरहेका तथा  घरभित्र को तस्बिर हुनसक्छ