Free Health camp at Dhanusha' rastriyakhabar
१९ चैत्र २०७५, मंगलवार ०५:२७

Deepan Subedi Shuvatara Memorial Trust has conducted free health camp at Shree Kali Jana Jyoti School,Shantipur-4,Dhanusha with the health team from Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital and Janaki medical College,Janakpur. In the general health camp 400 needy people were examined and medicines worth of 4 lakhs were distributed,said Dr. Dharma DattaSubedi,Founder of Trust.  Most of the patients were diagnosed as dermal infection, Gastroenteritis, Osteoarthritis and Pelvic infections, said Dr. Manor Din Shaiyed,well known Medical Doctor and social worker. He further added,patients having pelvic organ prolapse will be taken to Manmohan Hospital Swoyambhu for free surgical intervention.